• Network cartography - Netcarto

  • Given a network, the program identifies modules (densely connected groups of nodes in the network) and classifies nodes according to their roles.

  • Network C libraries - RGraph

  • Source code of the C libraries for a variety of network calculations, including community finding using simulated annealing, network cartography, and link and network reliability.

  • Bipartite modularity - Bipartmod

  • Module identification in bipartite and directed networks. Given a bipartite (or directed) network, the program returns a partition into groups of the nodes in one of the sets of nodes (the 'actors' or the 'teams').

  • DRUGraph

  • A network inference method for large-scale unsupervised identification of novel drug-drug interactions.

  • Bayesian machine scientist

  • A Python implementation of the Bayesian machine scientist.