on May 29, 2015

Toni Vallès was one of eight scientists who qualified for the Spanish final of FameLab 2015, a communications competition designed to engage and entertain by breaking down science, technology and engineering concepts into three minute presentations. Contestants from around the world take part armed only with their wits and a few props that they can carry onto stage – the result is an unpredictable, enlightening and exciting way to encourage your curiosity and find out about the latest research.

The semifinal of this event took place on March 20th at Poliorama Theatre in Barcelona, in front of more than 600 people. Toni participated with a monologue about the memory of machines, which is available here. The final took place in Madrid on May 14th, and Toni presented a monologue on networks, available here.

This year is the third edition of this competition in Spain , and the first time a researcher at the URV reaches the final of the competition.