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Godoy-Lorite A., Guimerà R., Sales-Pardo M.
In: Moscato P., de Vries N. (eds) Business and Consumer Analytics: New Ideas. Springer, Cham , (2019).

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With the overwhelming online products available in recent years, there is an increasing need to filter and deliver relevant personalized advice for users. Recommender systems solve this problem by modelling and predicting individual preferences for a great variety of items such as movies, books or research articles. In this chapter, we explore rigorous network-based models that outperform leading approaches for recommendation. The network models we consider are based on the explicit assumption that there are groups of individuals and of items, and that the preferences of an individual for an item are determined only by their group memberships. The accurate prediction of individual user preferences over items can be accomplished by different methodologies, such as Monte Carlo sampling or Expectation-Maximization methods, the latter resulting in a scalable algorithm which is suitable for large datasets.